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"Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL" is the brainchild of filmmaker Andy Wilton, a promos director from the North East of England. The film is based on many of the incidents and bizzarities Andy had witnessed, suffered and caused within the industry.

Jamie, Raul and Scarlett

From the outset, the script had a tight story and structure - however the vast majority of dialogue was ad-libbed by the carefully selected cast. The film was shot as if a real documentary, requiring the capture of over 100 hours of footage, which was edited down to the final 97min film.

Many portions of the production were structured to work like a reality television show. At times the cast within Jamie's film thought he was a real director. That cast were then told he was actually Grey McCulloch, an actor - but nobody told Grey they now knew! This ploy was to achieve a genuine sense of conflict on film and there were never any "takes", every day was documented as if real events. Several scenes involved cast members having to contend with unknown elements and members of the public, thrown in by the filmmakers.

The film was shot over a six month period, but post-production took 2 years thanks to the massive amount of footage and some "life imitating art" style disasters.

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