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HORROR UNLIMITED  orror Horror Unlimited have kindly ran a feature on "Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL".
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Behind The Scenes Of TOTAL HELL: Watch Movie FREE Now: British Comedic Mockumentary About The Disastrous Making Of An Independent Horror Film


TOTAL HELL [2013] 

    Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL follows Director Jamie Gunn (Grey McCulloch) and Producer Raul Kemp (Sam Smart) as they make their awful horror film TOTAL HELL. Jamie initially intends to bring a script “Totalitarian Hell” to the screen.
  However, after the writer pulls the script, Jamie writes his own opus... TOTAL HELL. In an innovative move, Director Andy Wilton decided to make both his comedy but also to fully make the film within the film, TOTAL HELL.
This is the trailer for a hilarious independent feature comedy about low budget filmmaking "Behind The Scenes Of Total Hell." The full ninety minute film is available as an extra on the Behind the Scenes of Total Hell [2 Disc Collector's Edition DVD]. Available to buy in our shop here 

  TOTAL HELL is 90 minutes long and features on the DVD release of Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL. Andy Wilton warns, “TOTAL HELL really is terrible. It is unquestionably the worst horror film ever made.” 

Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL...
features a cameo from Ian McCulloch (“Zombie Flesh Eaters”) who came out of retirement to play Charles Leeson. This was a chance for him to act alongside his real life son, Grey McCulloch.

      Director Andy Wilton was thrilled to have Ian on board. “It was a real honour. This was the first film for the majority of the cast and crew, Ian is obviously very experienced and a superb actor. He really brought some gravitas and quality.”  

      The UK film was shot back in 2006 and has taken until now to be released. Writer/Director Andy Wilton has spent 7 years bringing the film from paper to the imminent online release. “I just hope it finds an audience” says Andy. “I think it’s a really great little film, lots of fun and I think people will enjoy laughing along with it.” 
Is this the worst film ever made? You be the judge! Watch the full 90  minute of Jamie Gunn's horror film "TOTAL HELL." Jamie directed this in 2006 and it is gaining a reputation as the worst film ever made. "TOTAL HELL" is the fictional film within our film... but it also exists as a real 90 minute movie (the first time this has been done in cinema). 

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Production Notes
    Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL is the brainchild of filmmaker Andy Wilton, a promos director from the North East of England. The film is based on many of the incidents and bizarrities Andy had witnessed, suffered and caused within the industry. From the outset, the script had a tight story and structure - however the vast majority of dialogue was ad-libbed by the carefully selected cast. The film was shot as if a real documentary, requiring the capture of over 100 hours of footage, which was edited down to the final 97 minutes film.
  Many portions of the production were structured to work like a reality television show. At times the cast within Jamie's film thought he was a real director. That cast were then told he was actually Grey McCulloch, an actor - but nobody told Grey they now knew! This ploy was to achieve a genuine sense of conflict on film and there were never any "takes," every day was documented as if real events. Several scenes involved cast members having to contend with unknown elements and members of the public, thrown in by the filmmakers.
  The film was shot over a six month period, but post-production took 2 years thanks to the massive amount of footage and some "life imitating art" style disasters.
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Brett Gerry  

Released today, Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL is a witty, embarrassing and often terrifying look at the world of no-budget filmmaking. I’m sure that most people who’ve spent time on the no-budget scene will have experienced at least one of these situations! What cringe worthy moments have you seen or done? Watch the film in full above or buy the extras-packed Special Edition DVD.

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Documenting The Worst Film Ever Made

Total Hell is a ninety minute horror movie. It is the worst film that anyone has ever made. Filmed in winter 2006 in the bleak Northumbrian woods of Northern England, it is shit. Very shit. Directed by the insane Jamie Gunn, produced by the deviant Raul Kemp and shot in glorious VHSc, it truly is breathtakingly bad. I should know – it was my idea.

The film is a lie.

Total Hell is a fake film. Director Jamie Gunn, producer Raul Kemp and all of the cast and crew are actors within another film; Behind the Scenes of Total Hell. The real film is a low-budget indie mockumentary, which pokes fun at low-budget indie filmmaking. With the film launching free online on April 22nd, this seems like a good opportunity to explain myself – or at least attempt to.

Behind the Scenes of Total Hell is a challenge to effectively describe, but essentially it’s a manic comedy about independent filmmaking gone wrong. I’ve always been a massive fan of film and filmmaking, watching any “making of documentary” or listening to any director’s commentary I could find. It was a logical project for me to undertake as my first feature. The idea was to show a truly terrible production from the script and funding stage right through production, post production, to the premiere and the subsequent aftermath. Chaos lingers at every turn, closing around our fictional Director, Jamie Gunn.

What’s even more confusing than the fact that this is one project of two full-length features, is the overlap in reality while making them. Many of the actors that were cast for Total Hell were led to believe they were actually making a genuine horror movie. The actors that were playing the fake filmmakers were instructed never to break character and to lead these other actors on. The idea was that by making a chaotic horror film, as if for real, we would provide unrivalled tension and drama. The trick however – and this is where it gets challenging to follow – is that I secretly told the horror movie actors the truth, but didn’t tell my fake filmmakers that they now knew. This gave me two warring factions to direct. Are you with me still? I don’t blame you if not; working this out is like multiplying Memento by The Matrix, to the square root of Mulholland Drive. I’d basically constructed a situation where I had two sets of actors playing themselves off against the other, on a single take that lasted three days. A big crazy train set of fun.

The heart of the film was shot as outlined above, but the other scenes were recorded in a more traditional method of direction. From the outset we did work to a well crafted and planned out script, but with almost entirely adlibbed dialogue. The two leads were talented young actors I already knew well, but everyone else was cast from local auditions. We weren’t looking for top method actors, what we wanted were hilarious adlibbers. Auditionees were given a sheet of paper with thirty words on (such as “Badger”, “Thursday”, “Manchester” etc.) and instructed to create sixty second sketches, after ten minutes of prep time. We managed to source incredible talent from this, two people being so good I wrote additional parts just for them.

So just what makes the film within our film, Total Hell, so bad? Well most crucially of all, it doesn’t have a plot. Now I know what you’re thinking, “a lot of the films I see don’t have a great plot”… No – this doesn’t have a plot of any working kind. Total Hell is about a group of people who appear at a wood, for no apparent reason. They talk endless nonsense, sometimes to each other, sometimes inexplicably to camera. Then a half-gorilla, half-dog monster appears. They run, they scream, they throw sticks, they scream, they die. Except that stuff just happens in any random order. This is all filmed badly, with the Director, cameraman and crew often mixing with the cast. We had great fun making the film as terrible as possible. Hopefully people will find the real film, our mockumentary, to be of a higher quality.

We’re launching Behind the Scenes of Total Hell totally free online. The idea is that by making it available to watch on Youtube, we’ll build and nurture a following. Social media being what it is, hopefully people who enjoy the film will share it with their friends and family. They’ll be amongst the first to see the film, and if they tell other people about it they’ll be helping to support independent film. There is, of course, also the 2 Disc DVD and app download for the fans who want to see more chaotic hilarity – Total Hell features in full on both, along with much more.


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Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL is a feature length mockumentary about a film production, gone wrong. The film follows hapless, egocentric film director “Jamie Gunn” and friends through their filmmaking exploits. The brainchild of filmmaker Andy Wilton, a promos director from the North East of England. The film is based on many of the incidents and bizzarities Andy had witnessed, suffered and caused within the industry. “Behind the Scenes of TOTAL HELL” will be launched free online on April 22nd. You can see the trailer here

The film is being supported by SHOWFILMFIRST and has featured in the Guardian.

Full details can be found on their website