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Drinking Game. 


This is the official "Damn You Gorilla Dog Drinking Game"...

We suggest you play this game with non-alcoholic beverages (full disclaimer in RED at the page base).

Take a drink everytime...

1. Somebody consumes a beverage.
2. Somebody mentions Jamie's surname (including Jamie).
3. Raul eats something.
4. Somebody walks away from the production/dies.
5. Gav or Liam scream/shout.
6. A "Gorilla Dog" is seen or mentioned.




DISCLAIMER: The "Damn You Gorilla Dog Drinking Game" is intended for reading entertainment purposes only. In no way do we suggest that anyone actually attempt to play this game. If played, there is a serious risk of various alcohol related hazards, up to and including death. Alcohol should not be treated carelessly and we urge you to reconsider whether you should actually be thinking of playing this drinking game or any other. Should you in fact choose to participate in a drinking game, on this site or not, we assume no responsibility for any health/safety problems you may experience - whatsoever.

Your decisions are yours and yours alone.  Drink responsibly!

If you do decide to have a drinking game, please stay home. Have your guests stay over. We do not assume responsibility for actions undertaken by individuals who become intoxicated. With that disclaimer aside, however, please do not drive any time after having even one drink. It is dangerous, irresponsible and illegal.

The reason we plead with you all not to actually put this game into practice is because it is designed to focus on repeating moments in the movie in question. The vast majority of the game would have you doing more shots than a human body can withstand. For your own sake, play this game with lemonade or water. Once again, we do not assume any legal, financial or tortious responsibility whatsoever for decisions made by you or your guests in relation to games on this site or any period thereafter.

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