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Character Survey. 

 Jamie & Snoopy

Which BTSOTH Character are you most like?

Answer the questions below, keep a record of your answers.

1). You have decided to take part in a low budget film. Do you...
a. Make it all up as you go along, you're awesome and all will be well.
b. Do very little, drink, smoke and slob your way through.
c. Give it your best, but get frustrated by a lack of direction.
d. Regret it seriously and wish you were running your own production.
e. Terrorise your co-workers and eat all of the production food.

2). How would you finance your film production?
a. Make yourself unfundable, then max out your credit cards.
b. Blow what you have in a casino, then borrow from a loan shark.
c. You wouldn't, you would invest more wisely.
d. By pitching successfully to the relevant financial body.
e. You would terrorise the bank into giving you lots of money.

3). Someone on set clearly fancies you, what do you do?
a. Nothing. Everybody always fancies you.
b. Woo them with some dodgy lines and cheap coffee.
c. Finally succumb to their constant attention.
d. Get paralyzed with alcohol and let them have their way.
e. Drag them back to your cave and mate.

4). One of the actors dies. How do you deal with this?
a. Replace with a werewolf.
b. Curse them and deal with the bloody paperwork.
c. Become very distressed and emotional.
d. Organise flowers for the funeral.
e. Digest, chances are you ate them.

5). You come across an insane man in a woodland area. What do you do?
a. Give them a part in your film.
b. Encourage him to attack the actors.
c. Stay well out of their way.
d. Too hungover to notice.
e. Scare them, eat them and sleep.

6). Your costume department has let you down, how do you cope?
a. Use the costume regardless.
b. Mock the actors required to work with it.
c. Question your involvement in the project.
d. Argue with the director, who is clearly a moron.
e. You disagree. Costume is authentic and a thing of beauty.

7). What snack do you suggest for the film screening?
a. Muesli (salty or sweet).
b. A pint of stout (with a babycham chaser).
c. Popcorn.
d. You just want to get the screening over with!
e. Human flesh (or bananas).

8). The film turns out to be absolutely rubbish, what now?
a. It's not your fault, blame the lead actress.
b. Shrug and drink.
c. Offer some constructive criticism to the director.
d. You're somewhat less than surprised.
e. Worry about the good name of your people.

9). Your hair, tell us about it.
a. It's phenomenal, though freakishly white!
b. Short, but gelled to perfection.
c. Naturally fantastic.
d. Messed up by a horrendous Gorilla Dog mask.
e. Covered from head to toe, in thick, black, louse-ridden fur (which moults).

10). Your ambition is...
a. To rule the world (You're already the best director).
b. Continual pursuit of booze, drugs and whores.
c. To succeed as an actress.
d. To gain notoriety as a skilled filmmaker.
e. To replace "King Kong" as most famous monkey-esque monster.


If you answered mostly...
a's - You are Jamie Gunn (an insane, egotistical and talentless Director).
b's - You are Raul Kemp (a poor excuse for a film producer and a slob).
c's - You are Angel Connor (a waitress/naive actress).
d's - You are Zoe Gunn (a very frustrated filmmaker and sister of a moron!).
e's - You are a Gorilla Dog (your Father was a Gorilla and your Mother a Dog).

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