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A list of other websites and resources relating to BTSOTH.

Raul Approves
IMDB listing for BTSOTH.
Wikipedia listing for BTSOTH.

Microfilmmaker Magazine
A comprehensive review on the film.
The creators of the BTSOTH "app".
Key USA team behind the future distribution and marketing of BTSOTH.


Friends Links:
A list of websites belonging to friends and colleagues of BTSOTH.

World class, classical composer - responsible for main BTSOTH themes.
Phenomenally talented musical force, responsible for much of the BTSOTH soundtrack.
The man behind the unbelievably brilliant animated segments of the film.
Homepage of Norman Lovett, Red Dwarf's "Holly" and the BTSOTH narrator.
Website for the "Tyneside Cinema". Newcastle's finest and a key BTSOTH location.
Homepage of Yorkie, musical genius and contributor to the film.
Homepage of "DUST" one of the key bands on the BTSOTH soundtrack.
The REAL Newcastle United Website. A key supporter of BTSOTH.


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